Are you or someone you know suffering with Vaginal Pain?
For many this issue doesn't exist, but for the women who are suffering with vaginal pain it's a living nightmare.  

Think about it, if you have the common cold, arthritis, a digestive disorder, even cancer and you don't feel well you will tell your friend, your partner, or your boss that you just don't feel well.  But, what happens to the woman who is in so much pain in her vaginal area, whether internal or external that it hurts not only to walk but to wear underwear.  Who do these women turn to? For those women, I want you to know that you are not alone.  According to the book Healing Painful Sex by Deborah Coady MD and Nancy Fish, its estimated that 16-20 % of all women have had sexual pain sometime in their lives, that's one in every 5 or 6 women.  This is a higher percentage than those who have cancer or heart disease.  

The problem I see is that there are so few doctors, therapists, alternative practitioners or even best friends that will understand what you are telling them.  In addition to this, many women just don't feel comfortable enough to open up to anyone about their pain and they tend to suffer in silence.  Either they are afraid that someone will feel "its just in their head" or they are afraid that the person they tell this to will think that they are just afraid of or do not like sex. 

Women need to have both physical and emotional healing. Whether the emotional healing is done by talking with a sex therapist, a psychologist or working energetically with EFT (emotional freedom technique), Reiki or other energetic healing modalities, this emotional healing is so necessary. The physical is were so many people have a tough time. 

How many of you have gone to the physician who can't really diagnose what is wrong with you? 

I spent the morning listening to a holistic dentist talk about how when he treats someones mouth he has clients who have told him that the heel pain they've been feeling for years has disappeared.  How can that be?  Well, if you know anything about Chinese medicine and the meridians (according to Ted Kapchuck of The Web that has no Weaver)  "Meridians are the channels or pathways that carry Qi and Blood throughout the body.....these channels are unseen but are thought to embody a kind of informational network"  So to go back to the dentist, the bladder meridian goes from the head to the heel, when he fixed the mouth issue it must have been where the meridian was unbalanced and by correcting the problem he was able to balance something else on the same meridian.  Acupuncturists work by balancing the meridians. The two images you see here  are the liver meridian path on the right and the kidney meridian on the left.  I've read information where from a shoulder injury all of a sudden a woman had vaginal pain.  If you look at the path of the kidney meridian it starts at the clavicle and works its way through the pelvis area and then down to the ankle.


The reason why I mention this is to open up your mind to the possibility that there is a solution to your pain.  Many women have dryness and vaginal atrophy from a decrease in hormones as they go into menopause and are scared because all they hear is that hormonal creams are the only answer.  I'm here to tell you that for many women they do not need to use hormones.  There are easy, simple solutions. As an herbalist what I have found works for many of my clients is to simply use some coconut oil, shea butter, comfrey oil or one of the amazing products I found called  Sex Butter  or Boudoir Butter.

However, for so many women it's not a simple solution and I tend to work with these clients by working with herbs to balance not only their hormones but also their nervous system.  Our nerves are on edge when we feel pain.  Creating a nervine formula specific for my client seems to work best.  Some women have spasms in their nerves, some feel anxiety and others need to balance the stress in their entire body and by designing an herbal protocol specific to their issues is how I tend to get the results they so desire. I invite you to sign up for a 15 minute free get acquainted session with me to determine whether adding a customized herbal formula can make a difference for you.

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