Because I can
Have you ever thought about doing something and did it just “because I can”?

How many times have you thought about doing something and stopped before you began because someone else would have thought it was nuts?

Do you march to your own drummer or to someone else’s?

My husband is at the end of a 2 ½ week motorcycle trip where he went from NY to LA to Houston and is now on his way home. Before he left he told me that he was going to blog about it. I asked him what he wanted his tagline on the blog to be and he said “because I can”. By the way, the link to his blog is Oss's Valkyrie Ride 2014 if anyone wants to hear his adventures.

If you want to accomplish something

  • Do you “just do it” as Nike would say?
  • Do you spend time to plan it all out?
  • Do you hem and haw and never get anything done?

What goes through your mind before you begin

  • Do you go through what others will say?
  • Do you go through with your plan because it resonates with you with no worries about others?
  • Do you go through with your plan Just because?
  • Will you finish what you begin?
Living with someone who believes that if you want something bad enough you can figure out how to do what you want to do no matter the obstacle is many times interesting. I think about this crazy trip of his. It didn’t matter that there were sometimes there were -20-50 mph winds that he was riding through or like today it was raining cats and dogs he rode on. When he has a goal to complete he does what he needs to do to finish it. If it was me I would have given myself extra days and stopped when the weather didn’t cooperate. Are you someone who does something just because you can or do you think about what others will say? Do you plug on no matter what the obstacles are or do you adjust your schedule? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear what you would do.


Wendy Simard

Date 4/7/2014

I’ve just recently realized that it doesn’t matter if what you create is great or it sucks. The sheer virtue of you having created it means it’s “perfect.” (This, coming from someone who was a perfectionist for…oh, about 38 years of her life. LOL!)


Date 4/7/2014

I love this. And Jennifer’s comment is spot on for me. I plan and re-plan as well. I create and re-create. I shoot and re-shoot. (We’re talking about pictures here, hah.) All because I am afraid whatever I’m doing won’t be “good enough.” Which inevitably creates this circle of getting nothing done at times. I will say, after I got over myself and started the blog, I have been MUCH better at just doing it. Because WHO cares if not EVERYONE likes it? Some people will love it – some people will hate it. Every word and all I’ve created. Great article – thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Brown

Date 4/7/2014

These are some really great questions. I have always had a tendency to plan, and re-plan and revise. I have wasted a lot of time in efforts to reach the myth that is perfection. I have always put a lot of weight on what I think others will say or think. Listening to my gut, trusting, and just being myself, as vulnerable as I may feel, I am making a conscious effort to really put myself out there.

Bonnie Rogers

Date 4/8/2014

Jennifer, next time use your own bs meter. If it feels right do it. Trust your gut.

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