Breathe in the amazing White Pine

As I sit here this solstice morning in an amazing relaxed state (due to an incredible meditation last night) I wanted to share with you the relaxing energy of the White Pine (Pinus Strobus).  

Have you ever sat under an enormous white pine and felt the healing energy she gives us or taken a few pine needles,or a small twig and scraped the bark off and smelled the clean white scent she offers us? Pine is considered a sacred tree throughout much of Europe and many American Indian traditions. To the Iroquois, she symbolizes a balanced life, truth, peace and a clear life purpose.  The Seneca people see her as a dream of peace for all beings and many of the cultures believe that the Spirit of the Forest lives in the old pines. After the senseless murders last week in Newtown, CT, White Pine seems like the plant we should be working with right now.

Pine is very high in vitamin C and A, is a very nourishing winter tea and tastes divine.  It helps reduce inflammation, expels phlegm, clears lung congestion, fight infections and supports the adrenal glands. Pine is an antiseptic and is used for skin wounds, burns and boils.  It is useful for psoriasis, cuts, chapped lips and dry skin.  You can use the tea as a compress for these or make an oil. 

How can you use pine:

  • make a simple tea:  find some pine, chop up some needles and the small branches they are on and put them in a jar.  Fill the jar about a quarter of the way up and then fill the jar with boiling water.  steep for 20-40 minutes strain and enjoy.  Add some lemon and or honey for a delicious healing tea
  • make an oil: chop up needles and some bark,  fill a small jar to the top and then fill the jar again with olive oil (preferably organic), leave the jar for 6 weeks in a dark area.  Strain and use the oil topically as an antiseptic.
  • suffering from bladder pain - sitting in a hot bath will help, but adding some pine or ceder needles helps.
Do you have a Pine growing near you?  Breathe in her calming yet exhilarating scent.  She's a tree of peace and a tree of healing.  Let her heal your wounds and send her healing energy out to the world as the whole world needs her love and healing.



Date 12/22/2012

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