For all of you that don't know, I live in the NY Metropolitan Area and it's supposed to be winter. I know it's March 1st so just like the plants, I am so ready for spring weather to arrive.

Yesterday, as I walked around my yard, I noticed that the daffodils were popping through the soil.  Don't they know that it's still winter? For most of these plants a few days of warm weather will have them seeking the sun and popping through the soil. (even though it's a little too early for them)

What struck me was that just as the plants are confused so are many of you. "I want to eat healthy but what should I eat?"  I hear this often.  One day you hear low fat, the next day low carb.   " I heard about this herb to use - should I use it or the pharmaceutical my doc wants me on." 

So what's the answer for you.  My belief is that there is an eating program for each one of us and what you eat is not necessarily the same diet that I need to eat. With the same idea of doing a spring cleaning on your house to remove the old cobwebs and bring the light back in, our bodies need the same.   Sometime during the March/April time, giving your body amazing healing foods, herbs, greens and more can help clear these cobwebs and gunk out of your body and allow you to shine just a little more than you are now. 

We're lucky that we're able to get yummy, organic green foods even in the deep of winter in our local stores, but for the most part these foods are not local.  They've traveled from across the country and in some cases they've traveled from other countries.  Do they have the same nutrients and anti-oxidants, no, but in my opinion, they are better than not having them at all. 

If you're lucky you will have found a local farmer's market that grows much of their crops in year round greenhouses.  I've found one and the food that I've been eating this winter is absolutely delicious - but..... my body still feels like its ready for some good "weeds", local food, right from my garden.  Food that will feed not only my liver but it will nourish the rest of my body which  is sluggish from the winter and t it will feed my soul. 

For those of you who live locally, my class this month is on Spring Cleaning Your Body and soon after that I'll begin to do "weed walks' where I'll teach you what wild foods you can pick and eat to nourish your body.Find some local chickweed, dandelion greens and violet leaves this spring.  Add them to your salads, sautes or just munch on them as you are harvesting them.  Your body will thank you for it.

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