What is Sex Butter?
Sex Butter is a special blend of organic plant based oils that may enhance sexual pleasure for men and women by lubricating and moisturizing the vaginal tissues.  

What are Sex Butter's ingredients? 
The all natural ingredients are: Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Grape Seed oil, and a Proprietary Blend of essential oils.

How is Sex Butter packaged?
Sex Butter is packaged in a double walled 1/2 oz. acrylic jar.

How long has Sex Butter been on the market?
Sex Butter was first founded in 2008.

Are there any guarantees that Sex Butter will work for me?
Response may vary with each person.  Sexual sensitivity is affected by a number of factors such as; age, hormone factors, lifestyle, prescription medications, and environment.  If you are taking prescription medications, trying to get pregnant or are pregnant, please consult your healthcare professional prior to use.

Can I use this oil while trying to get pregnant?
There are no ingredients in Sex Butter that will neither enhance or prevent pregnancy.

How does Sex Butter compare to other products?
As far as we are concerned there is nothing like it on the market.  Its made of all plant based oil.  According to research, all of the oils are approved individually by the FDA to be used for skin care.  Sex Butter is FREE of parabens, hormones, GMO, synthetic chemicals, synthetic perfumes, glycernine, sugar, petroleum, sweetners, dyes, dairy.  It is an Organic Vegan product.

How do I use Sex Butter?
You may use Sex Butter in the same manner that you use any personal lube or lubricant.    Only a small amount is generally necessary, the size of a dime is usually sufficient.

What can I expect when I apply Sex Butter?
Women may experience a slight warming and/or tingling sensation and silky smooth lubrication. Men may experience increased pleasure. 

Is it safe to use a silicone vibrator or sex toy once Sex Butter has been applied?
Sex Butter is an organic plant based product and is safe to use with silicone vibrators or sex toys (because it is oil we recommend cleaning toys with a little rubbing alcohol).

What is the best way to use Sex Butter?
A little goes a long way.  You will know what is right for you but start with a small amount about the size of a dime.  Sex Butter can be used as often as you like and may be reapplied as much as desired.

Does Sex Butter have any side effects?
Since 2008, when sample testing began there have been no known side effects.

How does Sex Butter interact with prescription drugs?
To date, we have found no known drug interactions between Sex Butter and any prescription or non-prescription drug. For medically related questions or known allergies, please contact your healthcare professional.

How will Sex Butter affect my partner?
Sex Butter is designed for both participants.

Are there any women who shouldn't use Sex Butter?
Check with your physician before using Sex Butter if you are taking medication, are allergic to any of the ingredients and/or are pregnant.   

Can I use condoms with Sex Butter?
Sex Butter may be used safely with polyurethane or lambskin condoms.(Note, the brand Skyn Condoms can also be used)  Condom manufacturers recommend that no oil-based lubricants be used with latex condoms to prevent tearing or slippage.   We always promote safe sex.

Can Sex Butter be harmful?
Sex Butter was designed to be applied before or during foreplay for the woman.  Sex Butter can be used during intercourse, manual and/or oral stimulation and masturbation. To date we have not been notified of any harmful side effects. If you experience any unpleasant side effects, discontinue use immediately and contact your physician if reactions continue.

Is Sex Butter safe to ingest during oral sex?
All ingredients in Sex Butter are harmless if ingested during oral sex. The ingredients in Sex Butter are derived from the highest quality food grade 100% natural and organic oils. For more information go to: Research Shows To purchase Sex Butter  

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