Fear is Real - how we can help our body deal with it

Herbs to help Anxiety, Panic attacks and Stress 

We all have fear at times, but now our fear is “over the top”.  We are afraid to walk out of our homes, go to a public place and so much more.  We have stress that is out of control and some are even having panic attacks

Everything is being cancelled, whether it is a business meeting, a networking event, your vacation or right now your flights.  Yes, we need this at this very moment, but how can we get some relief from our anxiety?

Fear is creating crazy anxiety in our lives. Anxiety is a real thing.  (note, I’m not a doctor or a therapist, but speaking about it from an herbalist perspective)  This anxiety can throw us into a tizzy. We may have trouble with sleeping, depression, not breathing with our entire lungs (only with the top part or a fight or flight breath) and just a feeling of unease.

What can we do to alleviate some of it with herbal medicine and diet?

Let’s start with food and then we will continue with herbs.


Sugar messes with your immune system.  It tends to compromise it making infections able to take hold easier.  According to David Sack, MD’s article click here for more info sugar doesn’t necessarily cause anxiety, but it does appear to worsen the symptoms and the bodies ability to cope with stress and panic attacks.  While simple dietary changes won’t get rid of your anxiety, it can help your body deal with it.

Stay away from:

  • Soda

  • Processed foods

  • Foods high in sugar

  • Refined carbohydrates

    • Bread, especially white bread, bagels

    • Pizza dough

    • Pasta

    • Pastries

    • Most sweet desserts

    • Breakfast cereal

    • Alcoholic beverages

The next time you reach for one of these things, think about that they are not only affecting your weight but you may be reducing your resistance to bacteria and viruses.

I’m not saying don’t eat them at all, but think of these things as a side dish and minimize them and increase healthy items such as vegetables, low glycemic fruit, healthy protein and fats and make sure to increase your water so you are drinking ½ your body weight each day.  The easiest way to start this is drink 4-8 oz per hour. Keep your body hydrated so your circulatory system has more fluid in it to keep your body healthy

Herbs to help you.

  1.  Lavender  can help calm and relax your body  

    1. lavender  essential oil, smell it, infuse it in your home or office

    2. Drink in a tea.  I think it tastes better in a combination with some chamomile and or lemon balm .  Use 1 tsp of the combined herbs and steep in a cup of water for 5-10 minutes

  2. Chamomile - is used mostly for anxiety that affects your belly.  Are you someone who gets a belly ache when you are anxious, then this herb is for you  Just drink a few cups per day

  3. Motherwort  - my favorite herb for dispelling fear, panic attacks or anxiety, but only as a tincture, it is way too bitter to drink as a tea  Just few drops of motherwort can help panic attacks and more

  4. Lemon balm - helps not only to lift the spirit but to relax your body and help with your digestion (which suffers when your body is stressed)

  5. Holy basil - the ayurvedic name is Tulsi.  You can find it as a tea in many stores or on Amazon, one brand is Organic India.  Holy basil i as adaptogenic herb which means it helps your entire body with stress.   I use it as a tincture and as a tea.

  6. Oatstraw - you will be hard pressed to find oatstraw in a health food store, but you can get it on amazon and other herbal sites.  Oatstraw helps to relieve stress anxiety and depression. I like taking a cup of oatstraw in a quart jar, fill it with boiling water, steep 4-8 hours or overnight, strain and drink 2-4 cups per day

Note: If you’d like a custom formula created just for you, let’s chat.  Set up a complimentary call at bonnierogers.bookafy.com  

Stay healthy,


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