How to get your Swing Back
It's that season again, filled with high anxiety, too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. Ever notice that the intimate moments that you used to make time for are quite limited these days. I want you to remember that when you are sexually satisfied, many of the other ailments you've had seem to fade away.

My motto: Simple shifts can make powerful changes so let's chat about some simple things you can do:

We'll start with anxiety:

  • I recommend that you begin to drink herbal infusions daily with herbs such as nettles, oat straw, and hawthorn. Not only will they fill your body with nutrients, they will begin to unwind the tightly bound nerves that we tend to have around this season. Keep a bottle of scullcap or motherwort in your bag and take a few drops when you feel like you are coming unwound. Keep some simple teabags with you, Jeans Greenshas two formulas that I love. One is Fizzle Frazzle and the other is Mandala Centering Tea.
  • Put some candles around and spray a little lavender essential oil. Or combine that with giving your partner a massage with a nice massage cream with some lavender essential oil in it.

Unfortunately for many women there is too much pain and dryness for them to even think about being intimate. I have discovered 2 wonderful products called Sex Butter and Boudoir Butterthat I am now carrying as the need for so many of my clients is there. Even if you aren't in pain and you would like to have a sensual, sexual experience that will be more powerful than you've been experiencing, try it, it's renewed my husband's and my sex life again.

Get your swing back, make it an important part of your life. Put on some sensual music, take some time for you, away from the television and computer. Everything else will get done if you allow some time for yourself.

Let me know what you've done to create that time for you.

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