Never allow someone to take your power away
Never allow someone to take your power away….. Linden can help you if this happens to you.

I can’t ever remember feeling as if my personal power was taken away from me, until the other day.· It hits you like a ton of bricks and basically stops you in your path.· ·After spending a few days processing this feeling I wanted to give you my thoughts.

Have you ever had someone promise you something and then turn around and not deliver?·· I spent almost 2 amazing days at a conference where I learned new ways of marketing my business.· One aspect of this program is that you have an “accountability buddy” which you change every 120 days.· As a solo entrepreneur you don’t have the support of a corporate team that keeps you on track.· This buddy is someone you speak with daily for just a few moments and helps you stay on the straight and narrow in order to accomplish your goals.

During my first day at the conference, I had a conversation with a woman that I knew and we decided we would be buddies for the next 120 days.· In my mind, all was good.· The second day we were asked if we had a buddy and if you didn’t you should go to the front of the room with all others that were looking and choose someone.· “Why should I do this, I was all set”, or so I thought.· Next thing I knew I get a tap on the shoulder and this woman said to me “Oh, I forgot to tell you, I made a promise to someone else to be their buddy, you should go up front to find someone”··· It was like I was shot, I felt that my psyche was compromised.· It was the strangest feeling for me to not feel in control of my feelings.· This woman never gave any thought to the fact that she had removed the power I had in choosing who I wanted to work with.

OK, so I went and picked a new buddy and for all intents and purposes all should have been fine.· But my power had been taken from me.· I needed to compromise myself because this woman didn’t think it through to let me know the previous day that she wanted to work with someone else.· If she had, I would have been able to speak with someone else and this would never have happened.

What this did to me was throw my energy off for the rest of the conference and actually till now when I decided that I needed to write this blog.

The lesson – when something like this happens to you, it’s really not about you, it’s about the other person.· In hindsight, I realize that she wasn’t the right person for me to work with for 120 days because if she wasn’t accountable for that one day, how would I be able to trust her in the future.· But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t hurt you or mess with your brain.

As an herbalist I began working with herbs that soothe the nervous system and allow the body to release the grief of the situation once I returned home. The herb that I went for first was Linden also known as Tilia and Lime Flower.· Linden allows one to create calm and stillness inside while there may be lots of noise outside.· It allows us the space to calm our minds. What I find that Linden does best is to create ease during times of stress and chaos.

lindenIndications on why you might want to use linden:

  • Anxiety issues that may find you with palpitations and/or panic attacks
  • Nervous tension
  • Emotional issues: grief or heart ache
  • Sleep problems

Linden helps you balance your emotional body.· It allows you to be supported even in times of extreme stress. As I write this I am sipping a mug of linden tea and find that my breathing and stress level of the situation are being diffused.

I encourage everyone to keep some Linden around as a simple tea. Here is a list of resources that you can purchase linden and other herbs from. It works so quickly to eliminate your stress levels, help you fall asleep when you have a lot on your mind and allow you to release pent up grief, no matter what that grief looks like for you.

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