New Beginnings, Intentions and Goals

New Beginnings, Intentions and Goals.    Why am I focusing on them at this time of the year?   

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year begins on Sunday evening September 29, 2019 (this blog has nothing to do with what religion you are).   One of the things I love about the holiday is that not only is it the beginning of a new year – Hebrew year 5780 – but it’s a time to think about things you did over the past 12 months and decide whether there is something you would like to repeat or let go of. 

So, let’s talk about personal goals first.   Let’s say you made a decision 12 months ago that this was the year that you were going to shift your life, you wanted to create a healthier body and a better relationship with someone, whatever your goal was…… and you didn’t make the change you hoped for.   Did you fail, nope, you just didn’t complete it.   

Let’s re-frame it now, the thought is that you want a chance again to complete the goal you had last year.  What if you decided to repair and renew the goal you had this year?  It’s a process, they say Rome wasn’t built in a day, so why do we think that our “big” goals will happen overnight? 

The same may apply to our business goals.  Think about where you are, where you want to go and come up with a plan to create your goals.  It’s not about “I’m not where I want to be because you are where you are” it’s about creating a plan to get where you want to end up. At the same time, lets look at this about creating our 4th quarter goals for the secular year.

When you sit down to create these goals, I recommend that you write them down.   When you think them, you may just be creating “pipe dreams”, don't just think them rather write down your goals as they become more powerful than your thought-about goals, statistics I’ve seen are even as high as 42% higher. 

Why do I ask you to do this now? Let’s get back to the holiday.  It’s believed in Judaism that whatever goals or possible actions you would like are written in “the book” on Rosh HaShana and on Yom Kippur (10 days later) it is sealed.  I believe that it doesn’t matter what religion you are you can energetically create your own book and as there will be so much prayer going up to the universe at this point that you might as well have your thoughts travel at the same time.   

Let’s all create goals that we want for our personal and business life to look like in a year. 

This is a video that was created through the 92nd St Y in NYC that I thought you would like. It speaks about renewal and repair.  It talks about what you had pride in, what you regretted, how you stumbled and how you can improve yourself.  Its all your choice, review where you were and where you’d like to be.  You can write your story now and hit the reset button. 

What are my goals?  To help more people this year to improve their health, to increase their energy and to achieve their own goals.  Of course, I have more than this written down.  I’d love to hear your goals

From my family to yours, We'd like to wish you a happy and healthy new year.  A year where your what you'd like to achieve happens and a year filled with sweetness and goodness.  L’shana Tova!


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