Raw Cranberry Sauce

One of my favorite Thanksgiving recipes is Raw Cranberry Sauce.  I've been known to make a batch and just pick at it until its done.  I like tart things so I don't use much sweetner.      


  • 3 medjool dates pits removed
  • 1 lemon rind & pits removed
  • 1 orange - rind & pits removed
  • 2 cups cranberries (fresh or frozen)  

I use all organic products, use what you can get, it will be delicious either way.  Take all the ingredients and place them in a food processor and just pulse until it looks right.  If its a little tart to you add another date or 2 or a little raw honey

Enjoy.....  please  and leave a comment for me if you try it, I'd love to hear from you.  

From my family to yours....  Have a fun, relaxing and grateful Thanksgiving holiday.  We began a new tradition at our Thanksgiving table last year that you may want to add to your traditions.  We go around the table and everyone shares what they are grateful for.  I'd love to hear what you are grateful for, share below :)


Lynda Sacks

Date 6/25/2014

Madeleine Polemeni

Date 6/25/2014

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