Rose Prickly or Loving?

Who doesn't like roses?  We think of them for love.  We give them to our loved ones to express how we feel but have you ever used rose for healing?

As with many thorned and stinging plants, they are used as a protective plant.  Rose loves to protect our hearts.  She allows you to open your heart.  

She has a prickly nature and if you have any rose bushes or have had the pleasure to acquaint yourself with the abundant wild roses that grow in many parts of the country you'll know that as they get older they become more thorny over time.  Do you know anyone who has gotten thornier as they've gotten older?  Maybe we need to respect their sacred space and maybe a little rose tea or glycerite might bring them a little joy.

I believe that rose allows us to watch our boundaries and put our thorns up when we need to. Our space is important to us and so many people believe that they can invade this space whenever they want.  Ever had this happen to you.

Have you ever smelled a rose?  Not only do they smell lovely, but they tend to allow you to breath deeply and allow your lungs to expand, letting your breath heal you.

So next time you feel a little thorny, frustrated or in need of a little love think about having a delightful cup of rose tea, some rose glycerite or take a bath in some aromatic rose petals.

Following is one of my favorite herbal medicines.  All you need is a drop to open up your heart and relax.

Rose Glycerite

One of my favorites.  
  • Just one drop of the rose glycerite can transform your entire body.  
  • Just one drop will relax your heart and your nerves.  
  • It will help you remember a cool summer evening when all was well.
  • To make the rose glycerite, find an amazing smelling organic rose.  
    • Fill your jar with rose petals - I love using rosa rugosa
    • Fill your jar again with vegetable glycerine - I find mine at the health food store or you can go to to purchase some.  
    • Poke at the mixture to release all the air bubbles, then let it sit in a cool dark place for 6 weeks.  
    • Strain and then take by the drop.  Just a drop will do ya.

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