I met Bonnie Gayle through mutual acquaintances and this is her story of why she co-created Sex Butter:

Bonnie told me that as she went into peri-menopause her libido just stopped.  She was extremely dry and sex had become painful.  This wasn't OK as she was still a young vibrant woman and wasn't going to accept this.  

She went on a search to find a product that she could use internally which would be good for her body and just couldn't find anything.  Everything she found had parabens, chemicals and irritants that were toxic to the body.  As she became more educated on this issue she realized that it wasn't just her, but this was a much larger issue and she was determined to find a solution.  

Through a friend of hers she was introduced to someone who would then formulate Sex Butter.  She calls this woman her angel because she worked with her to create this product which was then tested and refined for 3 years.  She will tell you that this product saved her sex life and has regenerated her body from the inside out. While formulating Sex Butter she made sure that it was 100% natural, safe, hormone-free, paraben-free and chemical-free. 

The bottom line was that this was not a product that was for sale, it was just a product that Bonnie was using for herself.  One day Bonnie was introduced to a woman who had had breast cancer 5 years prior.  For the last 5 years this woman was not able to be sexually intimate with her husband as it was just too painful.  Bonnie gave this woman a sample of her product (which at the time had no name). This woman called her 24 hours later crying that the last 24 hours were the first time she had been able to urinate without stinging, Bonnie reminded her to use it daily for a week prior to attempting intimacy.   A week later both the woman and the husband called from different extensions saying "you saved our marriage".  Bonnie decided there was a deeper meaning for this product and went about creating a name and figuring out where she would get it manufactured. 

Bonnie's feeling is that anything that you put on your skin is going to be absorbed by your body and she needed to know that there were no toxins in a product that she was going to not only produce and recommend, but put on her own body daily.  There are so many products in the marketplace that are filled with hormones and parabens which have been shown to be carcinogenic.

Bonnie sent me a couple of samples of this terrific healing vaginal moisturizer and lubrication that looks and feels like butter.   I did my own testing on it and  yes, it is wonderful.   If you are experiencing dryness, if the intimate relationship that you have with either yourself or a partner is not what is used to be, or the relationship has gotten dull and boring, I recommend you try Sex Butter or Boudoir Butter.

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