Simple to make:  Grass fed Beef Chili
Grassfed Beef Chili

by Bonnie Rogers, Bonnie's Herbals


1 tablespoon either olive oil or grassfed butter (I use Kerrygold Irish butter)
1 large onion, chopped
3-4 garlic cloves - chopped
2 lbs grass fed beef (if you can't get grass fed, try getting organic beef or the best quality you can get)

herb mix: (mix together - use organic if you can)
2 tablespoons ground cumin
3 tablespoons chili powder
1.5 teaspoons garlic powder
1 teaspoon paprika (if you want you can use smoked paprika)
1 tablespoon raw cacao (cocoa powder- I used the Bulletproof brand of chocolate powder)
2 teaspoons sea salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper

1 tablespoon arrowroot, tapioca starch or non-GMO cornstarch
2 cups filtered water or broth
1 28 oz can organic diced or crushed tomatoes
1 can organic black beans - (I like using Eden brand as the can is BPA free)
1 can organic kidney beans or red beans (the same as above re: Eden brand)

  •  In a large pot or dutch oven, heat butter or oil and saute your onions and garlic for a few minutes
  • Add the beef, keep chopping it up into tiny pieces as it browns
  • As it is browning slowly put a tablepoon at a time of the herb mix over it, by the time you finish browning the meat you will have added all the herbs  - note:  if you like it slightly more spicy, add some cayenne pepper to the pot
  • Add the arrowroot to thicken it
  • Once the meat is browned add your water or broth, tomatoes and beans ( make sure to rinse them so they don't have any of the goup from the can on them)  if you choose to add them  bring to a boil
  • Simmer for anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes at a low heat
  • Taste - if you want to add more salt or pepper do so.
  • Serve , you can use tortilla chips, put some grated cheese on it, add a little sour cream or guacamole. 
have fun with it.   If you have dietary restrictions just adjust the recipe, want less carbs, eliminate the beans.  want more carbs, have it with some rice, want it spicier, add more spices, 

Let me know how you like the recipe, leave a comment below 



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