Spring is here - lets let go of Self-Sabotage!
Have you ever felt that you were in a self-sabotage zone?  You finally were on the right path, everything was going smoothly and POW you were heading back to where you didn’t want to be.  I think we’ve all felt like this at some point, but how do you then take this and turn it around.

So, you may be wondering why I chose this subject to write on today.  Many of you that have been following me know that 2 ½ years ago I had a cerebral hemorrhage.  I found it extremely hard to tell anyone about this because, well, I’m an alternative health practitioner and how could that happen to me? 

Well, things happen for reasons that we don’t always know.  For me, I believe the cerebral hemorrhage was a wake-up call to pay more attention to me. It was a wake-up call to pay attention to my own health, especially to my weight. I firmly believe that the universe gives you messages, and if you listen closely you will hear it. 

This was a Very Loud Message.

Yes, I did eat healthy, but I’m sure I ate way too much of my healthy food and didn’t always make the best choices.  Realize that just because a food sounds or looks healthy, it may not be the proper choice for you. Your body is not the same as another person. 

True health comes from the slowing down and learning how to listen and pay attention to your own body.   

So, pretty much right after my health emergency was over, I put myself on an eating plan to release the excess weight I was holding onto.  It worked, after about 9 months I released almost 50 lbs. and felt amazing.  Sure, I still had another 30-40 lbs. that I wanted to let go of, but still I began to feel fabulous in my own body. 

I was exercising, making good food choices for me, taking my herbs and feeling fantastic. This lasted a little over and year and Then POW!  … I realized I had stopped going to the gym; I wasn’t making the right food choices for me and my weight was beginning to creep back on. 

8 lbs. doesn’t sound like a lot of weight. However, when all of a sudden you realize that you are not on the path you had set out to accomplish, you realize you are going backward in your progress and you realize the goals you had set for yourself aren’t working anymore, you need to re-evaluate.

Now, this is not necessarily about weight, it could be about any goal you have set for yourself.  

What creates Your Self-Sabotage?

I truly believe that we all make decisions because they make us feel something.  That something could be a good thing or a bad thing.  As I began to try to make sense out of this, I realized that the work I’ve been doing with my clients and students has been the best work I’ve ever done and I believe I just plain forgot to save a little of this focus for me. 

Comfort food became king.  I had been on a grain free, sugar free food plan along with utilizing my own protocol of how to eat less, and all of a sudden I realized I’d been eating gluten free bread, rice, fruit and not being as strict as I used to be about sugar and exercise.

So, let me digress and say HAPPY SPRING!  To me, spring Is all about new beginnings.  It’s about new growth.  As March began in NY, the plants began springing out of the ground weeks before they normally do.  I believe that as the plants come up, we need to take our clues from nature.  It’s time for us to take control of our bodies and create new ideas and new growth.  It’s time to step away from winter, from a time of dormancy and stagnation.  Let’s get back to using nature as our guide.

OK, so in NY, the plants are popping up.  The chickweed, nettles and dandelion greens are out.  I’ve seen garlic mustard, violet and lots more.  No more winter comfort food, it’s time to Take Action.

So what’s the plan now?  Back to NO MORE Self Sabotage!  It’s time to lighten up, bring more greens back into my food plan and stop the grains. 

I’m now back to my green smoothies, juicing occasionally, eating salads filled with the wild greens and back to the Paleo lifestyle that I know works for me. (It may not be the best plan for you, but it's what works for me)

Use nature as a guide, get out more, get your hands dirty in the soil, let me dirt relax and heal you.  My best relaxation is to get in my garden, what about you?

Next week I’ll be posting my recipe for a delicious bone broth with nettles and soon afterwards my yummy wild greens pesto.  Watch for them.

I’d love to hear what you are doing to eliminate the self-sabotage in your life. 


Joanne Schmitt

Date 4/1/2016


Date 4/30/2016

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