To Detox or Not?
The world we live in is filled with way too many toxins.  They are found in our food, our environment and just about everywhere we go.  The problem I see is that these toxins find a place in our body to live.  In some people they may create a digestive problem, weight issue and the list goes on. Toxins are stored in our fat cells.

When I hear people talk about detoxing I cringe.  The reason for this is that for many people detoxing means they are doing a crazy program, whether its just juicing for a week or its doing what some call the master cleanse which is cayenne pepper, lemon, ginger type of program.  What I see with these types of programs is that for those that are pretty healthy, they can be helpful, but for those who are filled with inflammation or are dealing with health issues what this detox does is release the toxins from the fat cells too fast and many peoples bodies can't handle it. Our true detoxification channels in our bodies become overloaded.  Our kidneys, liver, lungs etc can't handle all of these toxins at one time and people get really sick. 

I believe in nourishing the body.  When we work together with an elimination program; introducing herbs and foods that can heal the body the toxins can slowly make their way out of the body without creating additional health issues for people.

Dandelions are one of the best plants to use in the spring (or really any time of the year) to cleanse our body.  This week dandelions are popping out all over the place.  Might as well use them as within a week or so the flowers will be gone.

Dandelions are  tenacious plants.  They are known for surviving almost anything and they spread themselves far and wide. Dandelions are tough.  Have you ever tried to pull a dandelion root? She likes to leave just a little bit of herself so that she can keep growing.  

People who need dandelion are hard working, over-stressed and irritable.  They cram too much into each day.  They need to learn to let go.

Like the plant, people who need dandelion tend to be full of energy, enthusiasm and power.  They generally overextend themselves, are over-driven, over-scheduled and they forget to take time to listen to their own bodies

Dandelion and its herbal remedies work directly to relax and cleanse the liver which is where over-driven people tend to store their anger and frustration.

This week a nice thing to do is to make a dandelion flower oil.  Dandelion flower oil allows the muscle to relax in addition to being a great pain reliever for arthritic joints, tension, sinus headaches and more.  It is terrific for breast massage to help ease premenstrual soreness and to help soften fibrous, thickened or cystic breast tissue.  It aids the body is releasing emotions trapped in the muscles.(How to make the oil:  pick the flowers, where they haven't been sprayed - let them dry for about 12 hours, fill a jar with them and then fill your jar with olive oil - stir it to release all the air bubbles, cover - stir every few days to let out more of the air bubbles - let steep for 6 weeks - strain and you'll have an amazing oil)

On an energetic level, I see dandelion as being very free and giving.  Our society tends to be emotionally constricted and tries to cover and shove down all negative feelings or cover them up with pharmaceutical medications.  This spring look at all the dandelions that are surrounding us. they are shouting to us that they can help us help detox our bodies, let out some of the stored anger and let our emotions flow and release.

Happy Spring, may your spring be filled with lots of beautiful warm days, flowers and relaxation.



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