What does Spring look like for you?
For me as soon as I see dandelion flowers popping out all over the place, reality sets in, Spring is finally here. 

The dandelion is a tough tenacious plant which is know for its ability to survive almost anything and to spread herself far and wide. The bright flowers look like little suns, full of energy and power.

When you look at the energy of dandelion, she is a tough cookie. Have you ever tried to pull a dandelion, her roots extend far into the ground.  It reminds me that dandelion is so useful for people who are very intense. These people are hard-working, over-stressed and many times very irritable. They cram too much into every day.  They need to learn to let go just like the puff ball of seeds that the dandelion has later on in the season.  Does this sound familiar??

Like the plant, people who need dandelion tend to be full of energy, enthusiasm and power. They generally overextend themselves, are overdriven and overscheduled and they forget to listen to their bodies and to make time for relaxation.

  • Dandelion remedies work directly to relax and cleanse the liver which is where overdriven people tend to store their anger and frustration.
  • Dandelion root - helps the liver to remove wastes and also stimulates the kidneys to eliminate these wastes.  This spring think about using dandelion root if you have allergies as it will help to reduce allergic reactions.  Dandelion will help you eliminate fluid retention and reduce blood pressure
  • Dandelion flower essence - works on a spiritual level to help these overworked individuals learn to relax. It is great for those who have tight sore muscles as they are extremely tense.  It will help those who have physical problems with liver and gallbladder or experience old anger and rage.  The flower essence will also help support the release of emotional and physical imbalances that feed hormonal imbalances such as menopausal hot flashes
  • Dandelion oil - allows the muscles to relax in addition to being a great pain reliever for arthritic joints, tension, sinus headaches etc. The oil is wonderful for breast massage to help ease premenstrual soreness and to help soften fibrous or thickened breast tissue. Just like the flower essence aids the body in releasing emotions trapped in the muscles, so does the oil.  

So when I think about dandelion on an energetic level, I see her as being very free and giving.  Our society tends to be emotionally constricted and tries to cover and shove down all negative feelings or cover them up with pharmaceuticals.  This spring look at all the dandelions that are surrounding us - they are shouting to us that they can help us let our emotions flow and release. 

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