What makes you happy?
What makes you happy?  What would you do everyday that would establish a stress free state for you?  If you could play at something every day, what would it be, leave me a comment below, tell me what you would do.

So the image to the left is a Rosa rugosa.(the pink one)  A variety of roses that has the most amazing scent.  You can smell it approx 15 feet before you even get to the plant.  I noticed this yesterday and to be honest with you, there are only about 5 blossoms in total that are out so far and they have such an awesome smell. yummmm.

One of my absolutely favorite things to do with either the rosa rugosa or the wild roses that will be blooming soon is to make a  Rose Glycerite.

When you choose roses to make your glycerite with, preferably choose fresh ones, if you can't, you can get some organic dried roses.  Make sure that the roses you are picking have not been sprayed, and that they smell delicious.  (I have some organic roses on my property that are beautiful, like the image to your right but it has no scent).  Then you take your rose petals off the flower and fill a small jar.  Then purchase some vegetable glycerin.  I get mine at my local health food store.  Fill your jar again with vegetable glycerin,  poke it with a knife or a chopstick to get rid of all the air bubbles, cover it, let it sit for 6 weeks, then strain out your rose petals and you'll have a beautiful glycerite.  Just talking one or two drops will taste delicious and help let go of the stress you are holding in your heart.Here's an image of my herbs.  

This sage that has been around for a few years is so happy.  I hope you have the space, even if its only a pot outside of herbs, to be able to go outside and pick some fresh herbs to use in your cooking.  Maybe you have them just because they make you smile.

Please let me know if there are specifics you'd like me to write on this growing season and either email me direct or post below.

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