When is Enough, Enough?

As a health care provider I consistently hear people complaining that they “can’t” do something. 

 Why should they change the foods they eat when they really like them? 

  • How could something so simple change how they feel? 

  • Can a simple herb really help a complicated health condition?

  • It’s Too Hard!

When do you make the decision that change is necessary?  You can go to your physician who in most cases is going to give you a pill to “fix you”.  They may recommend a few dietary changes and send you to a nutritionist but many times it’s “just a pill”.

Yesterday I saw a segment on Dr. Oz where a gentleman presumably had very good cholesterol and blood pressure until you heard that he was on 14 different medications.  What??????    Some of these where most probably necessary and the others well…  possibly  they were dealing with the side effects from the other medications.  He was obese and could barely walk down the street.

Now this is extreme, but how many people do you know that have one health issue that became compounded either with excess weight, by the foods they chose or the many medications they were on.  So when is enough, enough?

No one said change is easy

If you were to say to me even a year ago that I could go to a restaurant and be happy eating less than everything on my plate; with not eating the bread that was on the table and asking for more I’d say you were crazy.  Why would anyone want to live that way.  I’m here to tell you that change takes time and that only by making the decision in your head can change happen. 

I’m not here to tell you not to eat certain foods.  Yes for some people gluten is quite possibly poison, dairy can make them sick and the list goes on and on.  How do you know that one of the foods you’ve eaten all your life may be creating damage to your body and making you feel sick? 

Every day you are bombarded by someone else telling you that they have the best “diet”.  Whether that diet is vegan, paleo, vegetarian, weight watchers or something else, you need to make the decision when you need to make a change, what kind of support you need while you are going through it and what might be the best plan for you.

Let’s compare food plans to exercise plans.  If you can barely walk and your goal is to walk a mile a day than the first day maybe you start out with walking for 5 minutes and you increase daily.  The same goes with your food plan.  You slowly increase your water intake and begin to both decrease the volume of food and switch up what you are eating.  

Sugar and carbohydrates are totally addicting and if they are holding you back from being all you want to be than treat them that way, BUT let’s give you something to eat that will satisfy this “sweet” craving.  My almond ball recipe can help you with this click here  It’s got a little bit of sweet mixed with good protein and fat to keep you balanced.

One of my go to recipes I begin to cook this time of year is Lentil Soup.

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