When's the Last Time you Really RELAXED?

What does your “normal” weekend look like? 

  • Do you stop working at 5pm on Friday?
  • Does your brain let go of your office work until you walk in on Monday morning?
  • Do you allow yourself to relax?

I realized this morning that this weekend, I really did relax.  I didn’t sit at my desk and work.  I didn’t create my facebook posts and I really allowed myself to just be. 

Saturday I actually sat in the pool and just allowed myself to think about nothing.  When’s the last time you did that?

Sunday morning I sat in bed thinking I need to take a shower and instead I sat in a hot Epsom bath and read a book – not a book that was about work, herbs or anything that made me “think”.  I read a romance novel and just let go of everything.    Sometimes its about relaxing your entire body.

So many times when Sunday night comes I’m already working in my brain, last night I just read a little and watched the last episode of Orange is the New Black.  It felt really good just “being”

What I found this morning, after a great workout, was that I feel amazing.  I’m ready to help others on their healing path and my body is ready to give again.

Are you someone like me that generally keeps giving, giving and giving more and that you have no time for you? 

So, let’s try something new this week.

  • Find one thing each day that you do just for you.
    • It could be taking a walk
    • How about a quiet bath – add a few cups of Epsom salt
    • Make yourself a special meal
    • Drink more water – ½ your body weight in oz.  watch how good you feel
    • Find a special tree and sit down while leaning on the tree, spend a few minutes just breathing in the tree energy
    • Play in your garden
    • Find something special that makes you happy
  • Begin drinking some relaxing, nutritious herbal infusions
    • Oatstraw – 1 oz per 1 quart of water, steep overnight – will help relax your body and infused it with minerals
    • Nettles – will put amazing energy back in your body
    • Hawthorn berries to rebalance your heart and circulatory system
  • Relax your body
    • How about a nice quick cup of Holy Basil (Tulsi) tea.  You can find the Organic India tea bags in many health food stores
    • A few drops of skullcap or motherwort

This week begin to love you.  Love who you are, love your body and love your life.  When we shift our thoughts we can make big changes.  When you learn to love yourself everything will shift.

I’d love to hear your comments below on just one thing you will do for you.

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