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Biomagnetic Pair Therapy (aka Biomagnetism) is a natural health approach to creating balance in the body. It involves placing pairs of magnets on a specific area of the body over your clothing to rebalance where the pH levels are imbalanced.  While it balances the body, it is an effective prevention of possible dis-ease and has been shown to be effective in conditions such as:

* Acute infections  * Asthma  *  Chronic infections  * Digestive disorders such as IBS, IBD, Gerd ...  * Eczema  *  Fibromyalgia  *Fungal infections  * Migraines  *Muscle spasms  * Urinary tract infections and lots more

You may have heard that your urine or your blood should be a specific pH but were you aware that this also applies to other parts of your body. When there is an imbalance in the pH and the organ or area of the body is in either an acidic or alkaline state, the body is unable to function optimally. 

Biomagnetism therapists believe that these pH imbalances are a driving force behind many chronic health issues as well as dis-ease that may be caused by a pathogen (virus, bacteria, parasite, fungus). By correcting the imbalances in the body by placing specific pairs of magnets, your cells, organs, and body systems can work on restoring optimal health!

It is believed that when the pH is imbalanced physical, emotional symptoms, syndromes and other health conditions can develop.

BioMagnetic Pairs allow the correction of pH imbalances in the body.

What inspired me to learn this therapy and include it with my set of wellness tools?

I had an old neck injury which began creating pain in my arm, I was sleeping on the recliner chair every night as it was too painful sleeping on my arm.  A friend suggested I place these magnets on my neck in a specific way for 15 minutes each evening.  From the first night, I was able to sleep all night in my bed.  I needed to learn this therapy and since working with this amazing tool I'm seeing amazing results for clients.  I'm happy to have a chat and describe what I am seeing.  I can be reached at 914-522-4221.

What does a session look like?

  • We will begin our session with a brief chat to give me an idea of your medical history and what symptoms you are currently presenting with.
  • For the remainder of the session, you will lay on the massage table fully clothed (and please remember to wear socks as you will wear special shoes during the treatment). Sessions generally take 60-90 minutes so we schedule them for 90 minutes.
  • We will be using your feet to muscle test to locate your body’s imbalances. As the testing is done, I will be placing magnets on the imbalance in addition to the corresponding pair spot. Once all the magnets are in place they will remain on the body for approximately 15 minutes, during which time you can totally relax (or nap!). 

I’m looking forward to helping you to a place of wellness.

Bonnie Rogers has trained in Biomagnetism with Dr. Luis Garcia, a leader in the work of Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. As a clinical herbalist, Bonnie uses her knowledge of the body, nutrition and herbal medicine to work with you on creating wellness in your body.

I thought I'd share a few of Dr. Garcia's YouTube videos with you.

Certified BioMagnetic Practitioners, unless separately licensed to do so, do not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions, nor provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles. But rather provide herbal and/or nutritional modalities that may offer therapeutic benefit by supporting normal structure and function.

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