Vaginal Pain & Dryness

"Boudoir Butter" is awesome. I have suffered for years, nothing worked; countless trips to the doctor. I was resigned to being in pain and a complete disruption in my quality of life. A thousand thank yous and I tried **** everything . I was in pain almost all the time, after my period was awful, then it would get a little better as my cycle went on but was never pain-free. I even had to stop riding my bike, sometimes I could not wear pants. Stress definitely made it worse. I am now pain free even right after my period. When I began using it I was using it daily, sometimes twice a day. Now I only need it a few times a week. It's so much better that I don't even think about it. Sex was impossible and non existent for a long time, I think that's my next step" ~anonymous

Amazing Healer

I have had the great fortune to be a student of Bonnie Rogers' Medicine Making classes for over 2 years. Bonnie is an outstanding teacher & has an amazing wealth of information about herbs, plants, cooking and how to lead a healthy life style. I have learned & grown so much knowing Bonnie. Both my pets and I have benefited from her skills as an herbalist. I highly recommend Bonnie to anyone who is looking to improve their present state of health and for anyone who would like to get a solid foundation on learning about the amazing world of herbs.
~Lori Jo Siegel Plant spirit medicine practitioner

IBD/Colitis and more

In the relatively brief time that I have had the pleasure of knowing Bonnie Rogers, she has become a friend, teacher, healer, guide and counselor. She has also been a source of wisdom, inspiration and encouragement to me in many ways. She has helped to inform and empower me in a process of self-healing and liberation from chronic physical pain and dependence on the medical profession. She has strongly supported my efforts towards good health by generously sharing her knowledge and experience with compassion and empathy.

I find her intuitive abilities and communicative skills to be uniquely acute and effective, and her gentle, organic and holistic approach to individuals in distress to be genuine, authentic and rare. When I began working with Bonnie she took a lot of time to listen and to learn about me, and to put my health problems in context, relating symptoms to past and current life events and experiences. She investigated and evaluated this complex set of health challenges on many levels - physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social - in a manner that was comprehensive and integrative.

Bonnie's approach is refreshingly straight forward - she presents ideas and information clearly, in a way that is accessible and immediately useful. Her recommendations are sensible and easy to follow. She projects a feeling of joy, playfulness, fun, possibility, positivity and imparts a sense of adventure and exploration to the process. Her sincerity and good vibes are contagious. In concrete and practical terms,

Bonnie has helped me in a fairly brief span of time to gain a considerable amount of relief from the constant, excruciating, crippling pain of irritable bowel syndrome, chronic constipation, spastic colon, ulcerative colitis and gastritis that has plagued me for the past forty years. Her program utilizes time proven principles of good nutrition, diet, herbs, exercise, and attitude adjustment, which she interprets and tailors to each individual.

As I approach my sixtieth year, four years after the diagnosis of stage 3 uterine cancer followed by radical surgery and radiation treatments that left me sick, depleted and mutilated, with challenges to my sexuality that were neither anticipated nor addressed by my doctors, I have hope and confidence that my life and health are improving, and that I have good years ahead. I know that I can heal, and feel good again, and enjoy a fuller, more active, and more pain-free life.

This new hope and optimism are very much a result of the simple and effective program of healing that Bonnie Rogers has helped me to develop and implement. She has given me tools and knowledge that provide a base or foundation to build on and evolve into a more nurturing way of life. She has helped me to find ways to love and care for myself that I was unaware of and this is a blessing and a great gift. I am very grateful that I found Bonnie. She is a treasure - a gifted healer and a truly wonderful human being. She has enriched and enlarged my world, as I know she has for many others. Thank you Bonnie! ~Carol Pruzan

Bonnie is in absolute full blossom as an herbalist who both heals and teaches. I took Bonnie's herbal remedy course last year - I knew I would learn useful tips, but I completed the course with remedies my family will use for a lifetime. The course was simply fantastic. As a healer, I turned to Bonnie in my 20th week of pregnancy when I came down with a horrible sinus infection and cold. Not wanting to harm my growing baby with chemicals or over the counter medications, Bonnie prescribed a wonderful tool kit of herbs that alleviated my symptoms and helped me get better, faster. She is a generous and kind person who really loves her profession. I highly recommend both her classes, and as adding her as a member of your wellness team.~Justine Lackey

Dog with Cancer

kontoHi Bonnie, Our German Shepherd was diagnosed with cancer, with at most 6 months to live, according to the vets. It was in his bones, they suggested radiation and other intrusive procedures. We declined and turned to Bonnie, an herbalist who significantly improved his quality of life. You would have no idea that he was sick. He was able to live another two healthy, happy years, protecting and loving our family. The regimen was simple, tinctures daily on his food, and herbal supplements given to him on a spoon of peanut butter. He was happy to oblige because he knew the herbs were helping him, I could see the thankfulness in his eyes. Thanks to Bonnie we were able to have him around (healthy) for two more Christmas's, birthdays, and life celebrations. My mom is still heartbroken over the loss of him, he was her baby. We so genuinely appreciate your help. He was our boy so the care that you gave him really meant the world to us. Thanks Bonnie. :) ~ Krissy Harb

Healing Vaginal Sore Spots with Sex Butter

"I do not write reviews but I was so amazed by your sex butter I just had to write one because it is everything you said and more. For 15 years I have had a few very sore spots that did not respond to hormone cream. After occasionally using some Sex Butter to soothe the area it did more than soothe, they are healed. How can an edible product work its magic? Must be homeopathic and work at an energy level to restore balance. The speed at which it worked leads me to that conclusion. Women need to know that childbirth and aging tissue injuries can be restored. Wish I knew about it 15 years ago."Thanks, Bonnie! C.B. Danbury, CT

Gardening Class

"First, let me say Bravo! Your class was fun, lovely, and very informative. I’ve been telling everybody I know who likes to garden to grab a times paper and to make their own pots! The Square Foot Gardening (SFG) class with Bonnie was Awesome! I walked in thinking that any kind of gardening was over my head and walked out reassured that my SFG garden would be fabulous! Bonnie turned getting the materials from daunting to doable; providing the local hot spots to get the goods, and the how to, to get it done! For anyone who is looking to get into Square Foot Gardening this class is a must!Thank you again for letting me see your fabulous garden; nothing like the real thing to inspire a girl."
:) Marie Longo

Spa Workshop

"Bonnie, thanks for a great workshop! Loved the Spa Workshop. Looking forward to your other offerings." Jo Ann


"Thank you Bonnie for the incredible advice on what foods to eat, what to drink and what to avoid to help calm my gout down. Your plan of attack that you detailed out for me was extremely well thought out as well as accurate in what would work for my body. The pain and flare up that I was experiencing at that time have gone away. In addition, the alkaline water has made a huge difference. Due to having had gastric bypass surgery my body doesn’t produce many of the needed nutrients and by products that “normal” people’s bodies produce. Adding in the alkaline was a very positive impact for me. I highly recommend this natural and non-invasive approach to improving one’s health!" Thanks, Jenn Warwick

"Plants CARE...they really do," Bonnie the "Plant Whisperer" tells us in her deeply enlightening her deeply caring voice...'cause Bonnie cares, too...If Love and Respect for ALL living things has a Taste...then that's exactly what I taste in Bonnie's enlivening, healing, beautiful and very delicious herbs and food preparations: elixirs, tinctures, teas, potions and recipes, etc.For individuals lucky enough to find their way to Bonnie's Magical I did...Bonnie not only offers a Kaleidoscope of life-enhancing possibilities, she goes much further. Bonnie knows just when to stop turning the Kaleidoscope's dial and fix at just the right amount of vibrant colors and patterns specifically suited for an individual's well-being needs - she does not give homogenized solutions.Thank you Bonnie for putting in so much many, many years...and so much effort in becoming the Master Alchemist that you are - A Wise Woman who turns Nature's Bounty into ours!" ~ Karen W. Spirer (Certified holistic chef and practitioner, ACCET)

Crystals in Dog

"Isis (aka Poppy, because she pops up and down like a kangaroo when she's excited) is a happy 10 year old greyhound·that my husband and I rescued when she was about three years old. She was diagnosed with having crystals that would turn into stones when she couldn't help herself from urinating in the house. The diet that vets usually prescribe did not sound good to us, and we turned to PHD products and soon found out about Bonnie, who sent us Crystal Clear, a Chinese herbal remedy which keeps her ph at the right level so she does not form the crystals. She's been happy and healthy ever since, and our vet says keep it up! Thanks Bonnie!" ~Candy Finley-Brooks

Crystals in Cat

"When our cat Tommy was 8 years old, he developed a urinary blockage that almost cost his life.The vet did surgery twice and finally wanted to remove the penis and create a cloaca. We refused that. We tried the vet's special food, but Tommy didn't eat it and continued to have pee trouble. Then we found Crystal Clear . We added a small amount to his normal food every day and in a short time his urinary problems disappeared completely. Over time we stopped it occasionally but he would start having problems again so eventually we didn't waver on his routine. Giving it to him absolutely solved his problem, and he was vital and healthy for 10 more years. He died at age 18.5 of other causes. We think it's marvelous stuff!Bonnie Rogers has been a faithful supplier of it since we found her, and we could not ask for a more responsive, reliable provider. We've been grateful to her and to the product. The picture of Tommy was taken when he was 16 years old, still sassy, healthy and handsome." Carol T in Montana

Dog with Allergies

Hi Bonnie,"Sorry this took so long .... you helped me help my dog Gracie not long ago. I called in a bit of a panic because she was vomiting and you calmly and reasonably coached me through it and helped me realize it was a wheat allergy. I want to thank you so much for your time, compassion and expertise - you made the biggest difference in our lives! Gracie has been "raw" ever since and looks and feels great! She loves her daily meatballs and veggies! Thank you so much! Many blessings to you." Darci

Calendula cream

Dear Bonnie, "Both my daughter Hannah and I enjoyed yesterday's workshop. The calendula cream in particular is a hit with both our skin types! We would love to take other classes with you."With best wishes, Mary Baylies

Spa Workshop

"Bonnie's facial workshop was a great hands on learning experience. In a matter of a few hours, you come away from the class with a complete regimen of homemade, natural and organic facial products, while learning about botanicals and healthy living. She even serves homemade herbal tea during the class making it a truly relaxing experience!" R. S., Ossining, NY

Eczema / Shingles

"Bonnie Rogers is a gifted and completely holistic herbalist. In short, she is the ‘real deal’. When Bonnie initially recommended an herbal treatment for my medication-resistant psoriatic-like hand condition, I was both cynical and skeptical… “herbs to fix what meds couldn’t? NOT!” Amazing, within a week or so my hands began to respond to the recommended tincture and infusions. This was no ‘halo’ effect since I was a cynic. At the present time, I am suffering from shingles for this first time in my life. This time, when Bonnie made her recommendations, I instantly began the regimen and, once again, it helped my condition.Bonnie is a well-versed and highly trained herbalist. Importantly, she is uniquely able to take a holistic and systemic perspective of what ails the body, and importantly, the spirit. Anyone who works with her will benefit from her gifts." R. A., Katonah, NY

Sleeping Well / More Energy

"Bonnie is an amazing source of information about how to incorporate simple things into your lifestyle to improve your health. She can identify areas that can be changed -- for instance, drinking water. The ionizer is a little machine that can do so much, that when you have it, you can't imagine not having it. Bonnie helped me to understand the importance of drinking ionized water in order to increase the alkaline levels in your body. The health benefits go beyond the fact that I feel more energized, and that I'm sleeping more deeply. I know there are also health benefits that are deeper and more long lasting. The ionizer also can add precious antioxidants to your drinking water, and also to the foods you eat, by soaking for instance fruit, seeds and vegetables.
Bonnie is also a gifted herbalist and has helped me to understand how herbs can contribute to my health. She is incredibly generous with her time and knowledge, and never hesitates to answer my millions of questions. She is a joy to work with and I recommend her to anyone with any interest in holistic health. " Jackie Reichman


"Working with Bonnie has really made a difference in the way I feel every day. She used an extensive process to understand what my issues were. Prior to working with Bonnie, I was suffering with IBS symptoms and post-menopausal complaints. I was also on 3 medications. She made up a holistic tea for me which worked so well that I didn't need the medications anymore!" R. D., Massachusetts


"Bonnie gave me a tincture that has been quite effective in controlling bladder incontinence. I have not had to supplement with any estrogen or other medications and that is a great relief to me. It is wonderful to have something so natural be so effective.

And for skin issues: My older daughter had mild acne in her teen years and Bonnie’s tincture helped to keep her skin clear without using harsh chemicals, soaps, or oral medications. It worked quickly and we could see the difference in a matter of days. It was wonderful!" Julie Fudge Smith, CPDT A Positive Connection Dog Training

Hot Flashes / Headaches

"I was struggling with frequent hot flashes and headaches that left me wiped out and on many days, unable to work.Bonnie recommended a few herbs to be brewed into a tea and within the week all my symptoms vanished. I now make and drink this tea daily and my headaches are gone and my body temperature has remained steady for the past three months!!" Elizabeth Brown, CPA
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