Burdock - Transformation at its Best
So often we think that we need to do our best and make changes without any assistance.  I invite you to start thinking about the possibility that the plants can help make this transformation easier for you. 

burdock rootsI spent some time Monday digging burdock roots.  They grow long tap roots that send out lateral holding roots whenever they can find something to grab onto, such as a rock.  They are, in my opinion, one of the toughest plants to dig up.  They are so grounded.  Do you know anyone like this?  They are so grounded that it takes a lot to knock them over.   Would you like some of this quality in your life?  Burdock is very giving of her medicine.

Burdock helps the body remember what it was like to be healthy.  She is a strong plant that helps to rejuvenate chronic health conditions.  Think of that person who is caught in the slow downward spiral of a chronic disease; there is a lack of vigor and momentum in their life.  

Burdock is not in a hurry, she’s not the kind of herb you might use for an immediate acute problem, however like the turtle in a race, she is slow and steady and can nourish the most extreme, buried and far reaching aspects of ourselves and break the ground for deep transformation.

I use burdock for both physical and spiritual issues.  For those people whom I affectionately call “airy fairies”, we all know these people; they live more in the clouds than they do here on the ground.  Generally they are most happy when they are meditating vs getting something done here on earth.  Having them take burdock can make profound changes for them.  I had a client many years ago, I had such a hard time listening to her as she spoke so softly and went on and on basically about nothing.  I remember saying to someone that day that it was difficult for me to listen to her.  We started her on burdock and about 2 months later it was as if her voice was grounded.  She was able to really stand on both feet and get on with her life.

Physically burdock can help:

  •  Acne – especially when the pimples are singular, large and nasty
  •  Liver – helps stimulate your metabolism and cool you down and is a great liver cleanser – she likes to work with dandelion and yellow dock
  • Skin – helps heal and ease the pain of inflamed, reddened, heated skin conditions – boils, abscesses, pimples, chronic rashes, excema
  • Prostate – can help a young man who has a swollen prostrate from pumping too much iron as well as it does for older men
  • Think about burdock for cooling off excess – rheumatic joins, gout, scalding urination, rage and resentment
  • PMS – use daily with dandelion
Burdock helps you cool down. If you are laid back, lethargic and frequently chilled, burdock is not for you.  BUT, if you are ambitious, fiery, full of energy (sometimes to excess), are know as “hot stuff”, burdock will help you put your energy to good use and help you cool down

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